Artist Series Inc.

Investor Relations

Bringing the Arts Worldwide.

Our goal is to bring a venue and artistic programming to every major city worldwide. Initially over 60 cities worldwide have been identified as tier one investment cities. These are all major cities across the globe that are either cultural centers or have populations over one million people. 

Our Buildings

We are looking to bring buildings that incorporate concerts, fashion shows, art exhibits and media production all into a single location. 

Events & Media Production

Our event programming includes art exhibits, concerts, fashion shows, and film festivals. Our facilities will produce content based on our events and local arts programming. 

Stay Tuned

This project will be self financed.  Bringing state of the art facilities to over 60 cities is a massive project and we appreciate your support. 

Let us know if you have a building or property in one of these cities that we might be interested in!

Contact us:

Joe DiRosa

(310) 770-5171 

Mailing Address:

1522 6th St., #501

Santa Monica, CA 90401